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Welcome... Fáilte... Walcome...

In the spirit of cultural equality and aspiration to national unity on our island, I give welcome to the visitor in English, Irish and Ulster Scots, Irelands three native languages.

New Poems

But Tales for
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A Calm Set In
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Two Birds Felled
With One Stone

And None Had Passed
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Featured Poem

A Gun Gets a Body - Not a Bird

A gun gives you the body, not the bird.
~Henry David Thoreau

A man went to get a bird
His child wanted one for fun
And to down the creature
He brought with him a gun

And out upon the moor on day
A flock flew above his head
He loaded, aimed and fired
And shot a bird down dead

And he went home happy
Rang his child, said he brought home a bird
And when he showed it to his child
Was stunned by what he heard

"Its not a bird, its a body...
It cannot chirp on a tree
It will not run round as I play
It is no good to me"

So to this tale there is a fable
Thoreau said the wise word
"A gun gives you a body
It gets you not a bird"



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Tomás Ó CárthaighI hereby wish all poetry lovers a peaceful and happy Christmas and a prosperous 2010!

Hoping to keep you entertained in the coming months with my humble verse!

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