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Here is some readings by Tomás Ó Cárthaigh.

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The Death of
Erskine Childers

Give Thanks To God When You
See The Sun Low in the Sky

The Causeway
of Giants

This World Is
Gods Playground

All Is Lost When
Lost Is Hope

An Angel Over
Me Keeps Watch

An Angel
Flew Overhead

Be A Bard
Like A Bird

Be There Peace

The Growing Wind
Hints At Death

To A Poet

When I Am Old

All Things Pass
As Does Time

Celtic Gods
and Fighting Men

The World Is Dying

A Rose Is Still A Rose
Not In Bloom

The Tale
of Two Musicians


Totem Poles
to a Shared God

Words Written While Waiting
at Dublin Airport

Streetscene at Night
In Tullamore

Nature Takes Over
When Mans Back Is Turned

There is no Pain
in the Love of God

An Angel
Beside Me Lies

Two Dogs
Having An Argument

Sweet Lips of an
Unknown Woman

Shakespeares Signature

The Tramp
in the Townhouse


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