But Tales for
Children Now

Tell a story...
But tales for children now
And even then not often told
For children have no intrest
In fairy tales told by the old
In a world full of Playstaions
And other types of video game
Playing is not what it was
And our values are not the same.

Stupid stories that are called today
We forget times age old rule
Every story contains a moral
Understood by all bar the fool.
The quirky tale of Chicken Little
That a delightful time to children once made
Is in a childs language the biblical warning
Of false prophets to be afraid.

In our age of information
It seems when to the crapyard tossed
The knowledge society we seek to create
Its most valuable knowledge it has lost.
And only when its too late
Will we realise what we had:
Tell those stupid stories to your young
And for their knowledge, be glad!


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