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Inspired by the Francis Boyle poem "The Coal Hole". Francis Boyle was one of the Weaver poets of Ulster who wrote about miners in a small mine in Ulster.

What debts we owe
To those men who go
Down far below
Where deep is found
Where but canaries show
Danger underground.

Many a man met his end
Who a lifetime did spend
Working with and for foe and friend
As all men should
And to their dutues did tend
As workers: good.

Those bosses who with dust were never black
Or gave their workers any slack
And silences any chat or craic
To keep them working more
Took so much, gave so little back
As I have said before.

When all men die, judged is their soul
Good and bad deeds measured whole
Heaven will heave with those who did toll
And as saved will read the miners names
While for all etrnity shoveling coal
The bosses will be, fuelling Hells Flames!





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