The Stray Dog
& The Tramp

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Unknown, unloved, he walks alone
His hair in patches bare has grown
Human care he has not known
For many the day
Though once him someone did own
Before he was a stray

Passing by some drunken chaps
He sniffs bin bags for scraps
And runs, when one man raps
The bins with a stick
Causing to fall out kebabs and baps
And of liquids, on the street a slick

And the dog, being hungry, slows
And up an alleyway he goes
His keen nose for food the way shows
As he finds himself a meal
Before running from the angry blows
Of he tramp whose food he did steal

The dog and man, both feral and wild
Both once playful when pup and child
Hardened by life, too often beguiled
By false friends
Who their trust abused and spoiled
Used for their own ends

Both dog and man, they cannot see
That too each other, friends they could be
And at each other snarl, bark shout and flee
And the cold streets each they prowl
When they meet each other, these creatures free
At each other growl.



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