Wee Wain Walking
on the Road

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This poem is a modernization of the poem
Wee Hughie, where we imagine him yapping
into a mobile, bag neath oxter, walking in front
of a passing car, which honks at him.

Passers by, shocked scared and disapproving
rebuke him, to which our ever so modern Hughie
being a bit of a ned gives them the two fingers
and trots on to school without his head turning back.

Bag neath oxter there he walks
And loudly to his mobile talks
At approaching traffic: not he bawks
In spite of screeching brakes
And the wary disapproving gawks
Of passers by muttering their "For Gods Sake"'s

Except their language is not that pure
And the expletives are strong and sure
And pious prayers among them are fewer
As they call the boy a fool
Who bides them hello with two fingers, wee hoor
As he trots off to school!!!


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