Parson and Preacher
Speak of God

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Parson and preacher speak of God
Of freedom and faith and Ulsters sod
Of Boynes' bloody fields where Williams horse well shod
Carried him to win the throne
None seem to remember or think it odd
That once Fraternity was known

Papish and Prod stood as one
Until the last drop of blood was gone
And the scaffold stood upon
Mc Corley and such men
Who made fight that freedoms light shine on
Forever for Irishmen

Sons of Cromwell's planters, a few
Sons of Williamite settlers too
And Covenenters who swords drew
For the freedom to defy the Pope
Drew sword on Saxon and slew
Her armies for Erin's hope.

James Orr and Henry Joy
And many a nameless Ulster boy
Fought alongside the Gael to destroy
The bonds of the English kingdom
What arms they had they did employ
To strike for Ireland's freedom

But the Act of Union turned the tide
And the Orange Order spread tentacles wide
And Ulsters sons turned to the other side
All hope of unity sinking
And the Catholic Church their time did bide
And derided 1798 thinking.

And men who turned from hate to love
For their countrymen, and who strove
Under Erin's Green Banner, under God above
Turned once again to hate
Each side disdained the Dove
Of peace, leading to today's state.

We did before, we can again
Unite as true Irishmen
Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter when
Church and State from politics are removed
Erin, as a true country then
The break with England can be proved.


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