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158 Current Affairs The Poor Dead Girl
155 Life My Way Is The Sand Flowing
154 Commenatary The Camera Steals the Spirit
147 SFR Who Wipes Her Tears When She Cries‏?
145 Moral The Watchers Who Angered Their Master
143 Moral / History Those Whose Transgressions Are Pardoned
141 Life / Moral Life is but a Racetrack
121 History / Moral Lady Godiva the Good
119 Faith / Satire God Was Drunk on Porter
118 Faith / Satire The Devil Became a Preacher
114 Current Affairs Other People Set the Options,
110 SFR She Was A Dandelion Seed In The Wind
101 Current Affairs History Is Told By The Victors
098 History / Heros To Be Like Dick Gregory
097 Current Affairs No Parachutes
092 Writing In the Cold Silence of the Night
016 Mystic The Fog Hides Faries from Mortal Men
010 Moral A Cliche
011 Moral For Sale A Soul and a Body Whole
012 Travel Naughty Naughty Nantes
016 Mystic The Fog Hides Faries from Mortal Men
022 Environ "Quickly Come Run... the Sky Is Falling!
023 Faith Sinners at a Seance
026 History / Ghost The Hungry Grass
031 History / Ghost Sitting There Saying Nothing
032 History / Ghost Dead Souls And Black Dogs
033 Life Beauty in Bounty Is A Woman
034 Love Song Broken Hearts and Broken Dreams
050 SFR Lady of the Sweetest Smile
051 sfr And the World Always Turns
052 sfr Her I Would Follow Dropping All
053 sfr In Times Passing, Fellings Have Faded
054 sfr My Heart Will Not Keep Her Warm
055 sfr Should I Again Her Smile Not See
056 sfr This Rainy Night, Where Is She?
057 sfr Thought I: A Poem For Her I'll Write
061 Moral Ten Ducklings and Three Men
063 Current Affairs Lament for Iraq, and Woe for Tomorrow
081 Current Affairs God Calls Me George
084 Commentary Verses on Economics
085 Humour / Faith The Pearly Gates
086 Nature Address to my Feathered Friend
087 Nature The Snowflake
088 Faith The Puppetteer
089 Musing The Flame
090 Faith God the Gardener
091 Nature I Heard a Bird Cry for a Lost Soul



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